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Xu Hui Riverside Promenade is best known for jogging, its excellent structure and length accommodate the joggers targeting for different strengths: three km, six km and eleven km. A long beautiful promenade runs alongside the riverbank on the west part of the city. From the start point near Dong’an Road, it overlooks the arch bridge Lu Pu, where it used to be a port. The view can be spectacular in dusk.

Three different tracks to run on for the joggers: asphalt pavement, wooden or plastic runway.  You can jog at one km if it suits you, an Italian restaurant awaits just in case a little peckish. The runway up here is plastic to another half km. This part is popular with the locals, where they enjoy street dancing in tune with their favourite old pops. If you march on, you get on to the length of three km. If that’s still not enough, you head towards the direction of that landmark bridge up to six km. Very popular run among the locals, you may bump into people who are flying the kites. Lockers are available till 9pm evening for this part.

It is very pleasant in the summer evening, you can always head back if no intention to stop jogging. This route is part of half Marathon in Shanghai.

Of course, it attracts more than the joggers, local dancers, Tai Chi practitioners, it is lovely to have long walk there, you can bring your favourite books when you want to take a break from watching the “rainbow” bridge.

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