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Discover Shanghai

You can discover Chinese traditional delights in Shanghai, a variety of walks can either take you to the historic sights, the surrounding scenic old towns, or to the feast of architecture glory in Bund (the river bank). Or, you just enjoy exploring the city, finding your own the hidden gems, such as Jewish quarter, French concession, or futuristic buildings hub in PuDong.

Perhaps, you are simply happy to immerse yourself into the scenes of this interesting oriental city. Whatever you do, you will be occupied. We have selected a few most popular tours and trips for you to consider: walk, explore and see…

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Walk the Streets

There are sixteen divisions in Shanghai, divisions like Huang Pu, Jing An, Xu Hui and Chang Ning are popular for walking within the inner line of the city. Place like Yu Garden, where the old town is situated, you can easily get around on foot. You can start your discovery from there to the sights nearby, such as Xin Tian Di, Huai Hai Road.

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Cultural & Theme Tours in Shanghai

Private Walking Tour: Xintiandi and Hengshan Road in Shanghai

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Things to do in Shanghai City

Explore the city

Shanghai is not just a shopper’s heaven. Although it is the commercial centre in China, it has many faces for its visitors. If you are a bookworm, you can head to bookstores hub in Fu Zhou Road; if you are interested in the folk arts, you can surprise yourself in the east division Jin Shan, where the folk’s paintings have become the popular collections. One of the recent attractions Xu Hui Bin Jian Da Dao (Xu Hui Riverside Promenade) is a popular route for joggers. The boulevard along the river bank on the west side of the city has several service points to accommodate joggers with different lengths.

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Things to do in Shanghai City

See the sights

You can enjoy the city view on one of the architectural beauties in the new Pu Dong, visit the historic buildings on the bund and check out the bourgeoisie aura in French concession in the old day. You can please yourself with river cruise in Huang Pu river, or take the excursions to the surrounding villages. With its sophisticated transport lines, you can plan your visits easily.

In our blog, we share our discoveries.

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Things to do in Shanghai City

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