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How to get the most when you are in Shanghai

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How to get the most when you are in Shanghai? Sightseeing, exploring are usual touristy things you will be doing, getting to know the place, culture, people and its history. We have build the recommendations around Viator on ‘top pick’, ‘day trips’ and ‘extended tours’.

A lot to choose from, we know you are interested in something different, fun and with local flavour… we bring them on!

Among those Top Pick, the trips to those old lanes and alleyways can be really fascinating. They are like “old town” in any major cities, around the initial residential area. People have emotional bonds with the old lanes and alleyways, they survived with time, especially in a city like Shanghai which had so much and with so much going on. The tour guides are awesome, you can discover the local charm and enjoy an unusual outing in the town. Check on our link Shanghai Old Lanes & Alleyways

We also recommend a unique tour of Shanghai’s Jewish Quarter, led by the local expert. It tells the story about the Jewish life into the previous Mid Century. Shanghai sheltered thousands Jewish refugees during the war time, people like Sasson (the initial owner of the Peace Hotel) has significance in shaping Shanghai’s landscape. The tour lasts 4 hours and includes a visit to Jewish Refugees Museum, Shanghai Jewish Quarter Tour will sure provide you exceptional insights about this city.

The tour on “Shanghai Circus World”  is worth seeing too, you have the chance to learn about Chinese history and culture, get some understanding on martial art, it makes such a fun trip for family.

Of course, we will continue to recommend the tours / trips, share our excitement, and, have a feel on our selection. Oh, Top Pick

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New Riverside East Bund

New Riverside East Bund in Shanghai

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New riverside in Shanghai (East Bund) is going through restructuring in YangPu, aims to open the majority part of the water front to public, on the top of current riverside at HuangPu, XuHui and new Pu Dong area. This will make the entire riverside a landmark at a different scale.

Shanghai news suggests by Saturday, some 70 percent of the riverfront in downtown Shanghai will be open to the public, with continuous paths, bridges and preserved historic buildings. The length of riverside paths reaches to 32.4km.

Famous waterfront, Bund, is one of the most visited sites for public (our blog River Bank Wai Tan ). Recent years we see more parts of waterfront available to the public, such as the riverside “Xu Hui” with different running tracks (our blog xu-hui-riverside-promenade ) and the futuristic Pu Dong new area.

Unlike the other parts of the riverside, Yangpu is featured by preserved historic relics of the city’s earliest industries. Many former industrial relics will be preserved along the riverside section. for instance, a 50 meter tall silo, built by a British shipping firm in 1908 and once the largest in Asia that stored most of the city’s grain in its heyday, becomes the main venue for the three-month Shanghai Urban Space Art Season, which is open this week.

The newly opened east section will connect Lujiazui financial center and the former World Expo site and many future city landmarks.

East side waterfront, once all completed, 12 pedestrian bridges will span creeks and waterways running off the main river in Pudong. A cluster of small parks, covering 1,000 to 3,000 square meters, are also planned along the river. Three lanes for cycling, running and walking will be built along the bank.

Exciting time – We look forward to taking more images for the new sites.

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Autumn leaves Shanghai

Autumn is the time to see Shanghai

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Autumn time to see Shanghai is just lovely. After the sizzling hot summer, the air is cooler and place is back to entertain, this is the season to visit the place and it has the offers on your ‘wish list’ ticked.

It’s gonna be busy when you are here this year. Shanghai Tourism Festival commences 9th Sep and ends in 6th Oct, a true extravaganza for the city, includes food, lights, music, sports. The Annual Shopping Festival kick starts the Tourism Festival this weekend with promotions and concerts, participated by 2,000 companies, should be worthwhile to make trips to some of their outlets.

People can hardly miss the fun in this year’s Tourism Festival. A variety of events spreads across several districts. For instance, XuHui district prides itself with Hengfu Art Festival, it tempts with jogging events (every Saturday during the festival), street concerts and evening shows in the park. Some of its events are held at the celebrities residential villas, such as Jin Ba (late novelist) and LePing Zhang (late cartoonist). (See our highlights for this district.)

Apart from these events, autumn is genuinely nice to visit Shanghai. Change between the seasons brings out the charm of a lively cosmopolitan: colours, smells, noise and food. You can easily explore the city and its beyond, without worrying sunburn or freezing cold. (check on our affection for all seasons in Shanghai)

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city walk

More about city walk in Shanghai

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City walk in Shanghai has a lot to choose. One of my favourites usually starts from Jing’an Temple, many times I end my route in French concession. With lined trees and small cafes, so pleasant in the afternoon, it’s perfect for a walk.

It will get lot better and more intriguing. As XuHui district, where French concession is, is undergoing renovation for the 342 buildings, mostly within the area of HengShan road and FuXing road, aims to complete by the end of the year. Categorised as Hengshan-Fuxing Road Historic Reservation Area, it covers an area of more than 221,000 square meters, also includes some areas in French concession.

It must be challenging to initiate such a reservation project, Craftsmen with traditional construction skills are called in, some skills are brought to the city by Western architects in the early last century, long lost though, now is crucial for this preservation work.

Historic figures and celebrities have resided here in the past, those old buildings complimentary the fascinating diversity of the city’s architecture style. Once reservation project done, a detailed database for each building will be available, including its size, inner structure, original designing charts as well as historic photos.

Quite exciting to see a quiet area being revived, already popular with its trendy bars, restaurants, chic hotels and fabulous boutiques, the area has become one of the major attractions for residents and tourists.

Why not take a walk in this area when you are in town, you may find this place the same interesting?  what is it then.

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Stay chilled in hot summer

How to stay chilled summer in Shanghai

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How to stay chilled hot summer in Shanghai? Temperature has soared above 35c last couple of weeks, it has stayed there, then heading to 40c. I hear you…

Nothing should put you off to enjoy the summer in Shanghai. We have mentioned in our blog on walking, exploring and sightseeing, and excursions to the traditional towns nearby. If you prefer indoors and stay chilled, galleries, museums, theatres, or, stay tuned with the latest events check on Time Out Shanghai, or, download the App ‘Shanghai WoW’ for the promotions of the trendy places.

Stay chilled in hot summer, or the list for “stay indoors” is never going to be short. Places like museums, say Shanghai Museum, is interesting to visit. Or, try book stores, they are dotted around the city, chain store Xin Hua book stores or some independent ones. Zhong Shu Ge 钟书阁 was voted the most beautiful book store, the 1st one was at the out skirt Thames village, it expanded to a 2nd outlet nearby Iing’An temple last year. With its chic design, it attracts not only bookworms. A reader friendly of Foreign Languages Book Store at Fu Zhou Lu (by metro line 1 or 2) is a “refuge” if those wants to make up the book store visits but with limited Chinese reading skill.

Anybody likes peace and quiet in the hot days, an easy choice is to go to the Library. Shanghai has the 2nd largest library in China. At Huai Hai Road, inside French Concession, this is a nice spot to pass time. Another good news is Shanghai will add a new public library by 2020 at Qin Pu. With its stylish ambience, fantastic space and proposed 24 hours opening time, it will appeal to many visitors. (the photo image is from the web).

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Visit Shanghai Museum

Summer in Shanghai

Hot Summer in Shanghai

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Summer in Shanghai can be challenging, it certainly raises the threshold for dealing with the heat. In our blog ‘’, we suggest to get away from the town centre for the day, where you see the nature and enjoy the fresh air.  Blister hot in the city, it easily reaches to 35 degree, plus the days of hot temperature is more in the East. With the humidity, it is essential to feel refreshed to keep the energy level.

After quite a few days heat wave in the UK, I find it easy to cope the summer in Shanghai, with air cons in each household and most of the places with roof. Then, it means you have to stay indoors. For anyone who’d like to get out, you can either venture out to the small towns close by, or, little islands nearby Shanghai, such as Chong Min, or, Qian Dao Lake, where you can stay in the local B&B, fresh food, sometimes seafood in Chong Min or Qian Dao are served.

Nature is not difficult to reach. An article in today’s Metro reports that there will be three country parks, planned twenty suburban country parks with 130 square km, all will be done in Shanghai speed. They will replace the out dated industrial land, as part of the regeneration programme for the city. For sure, chilling out In Shanghai will be more resourceful.

Our image here is a small town in the west side of Shanghai, like those places, they are tranquil, the perfect for get-away. For those who just want to stay in the town, the choice for ‘chill out’ couldn’t be more, take a leaf from our selection here.Tours and Sights in Shanghai

to read the relevant article we mentioned ‘Metro’ get to know the locations of the ‘country parks’

Chinese food chopsticks Kuai Zi

Get Grips with Chopsticks Kuai Zi

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Chopsticks Kua Zi 筷子 (pronunciation for the two characters) is sort of the things, that you have to be able to grip, before you can enjoy the food in Shanghai. For Chinese, food breeds contentment. They have taken the chopsticks for granted all their lives. The scene of foreigners using the chopsticks first time, or getting hold of the food, amuse the Chinese (for course, vice versa, same for the Chinese with knives and forks though).

It’s only a natural way to finish your Chinese dishes with the chopsticks. So, how are you getting on with the devil? Can you actually hold the steamed rice with chopsticks? then, the same amount of rice has gone into your mouth? Oh, you can, that’s cool. You can even eat dumplings with them, ah, what can I say!.

The more you use the more you appreciate its practicality. The Chinese has been on it for God knows how long. They use them in a variety of ways. For example, cooking, when they deep fry the food (with the longer version ones), like fritters (油条),the dim sum you can find in Shanghai in the morning. Chopsticks style does not vary greatly, although the etiquette can show the sophistication of the diners and food culture. With time, the word of chopsticks epitomises the Chinese cuisine and even extend to the relevant Chinese culture. Smart choice for those who want people to figure out the nature of the business easily.

Chop chop, also refers to be speedy or get going. It is pronounced “Kuai” in Chinese, which means ‘be quick’. Every now and then, my friends show off their smoothness with chopsticks when we dine together, it always makes me smile by looking at them, oh, chop chop …

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The KunLun Jing’an at Hua Shan Road

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The KunLun Jing’an, previously Hilton Hua Shan sits on the edge of Shanghai’s French concession. It is situated at the prime location, Jing’an, just a few hundred meters away from Jin’an Temple, main traffic line (ie, north south line) is around the corner.

This Hilton has been around since the early 90s. Not kidding, a person’s feeling towards this Hilton can show his/her age. It was an event when the hotel was open to operate. Young graduates lined a long queue to battle the way for being recruited, they turned back on the state-sponsored placement, with the hope of career prosperity. Hospitality industry was in.

Two decades on, competition in the trade is in a completely different world. However, just like this Hilton, anywhere, hard to beat a hotel with the advantage of ‘location, location and location’. Whether you are in the town on business trip or for holiday, this one can be a cosy pick. Locals nearby also tends to appoint it as the meeting point before the shopping trips or dinner dates. The bird view from the Hilton has moved on from the overview of the residential blocks to the buzz of a commercial centre nowadays. Not only just Jing’an temple nearby is an attraction, also the convenience of getting around, such as within walking distance for the metro line 1, 2 and 7.

I enjoy the long walk from there, to explore the parks nearby (Jing’an, Xiang Yang), independent book stores, or, interesting boutiques in the area of French concession. Or, stretch out more, reach to the point where Pushkin statue is. Not bad exercise for afternoon stroll.

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Shanghai Metro Excellence

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Shanghai metro transport is excellent. I hear you say. It is hard to beat the public transport in Shanghai. Recently Shanghai metro lines increased operating hours (Metro Timetable ). What couldn’t be even better is some lines work almost around the clock. Just think that summer is around the corner, the transport is fab not only on the available routes, the time and the prices, where can you get the better deals elsewhere for a city break? We are not even talking about any transports running above the ground.

Not far in the memory there was only one metro line available, Line 1, it is the route between the train station (north) to the then new area Xin Zhuang. Twenty years on, there are 16 metro lines fanning out the city. Line 4 (Inner circle line) moves around the city where the usual hangouts and walks are, the rest take you to all different directions, Line 11 to Jiang Su Province, supposed the longest, this record sure will soon be broken by Shanghai standard.

Shanghai metro lines have all the characteristics of a metropolis, the frequent trains, stylish multi-entrances, versatile underground shopping malls, convenient connections between the lines. All box ticking you need in a major city, well, let’s put ‘the crazy rush hour’ and ‘so many people’ aside just for the time being.

Some new built routes are on my priority list for the next visit, especially those where you get the chance to see the traditional towns, you only need continuing on another public transport. We share the image of a beautiful water town nearby Zhu Jia Jiao. Getting there by Line Hu Zhou See our blog

Lots of options for planning the trips with the excellent transport net, or, drop a note if we can be of any help 

place history fun for kids

A place with history is more fun

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Place history fun are magic words to the children. Shanghai has all these to offer.

A friend of mine recently joined a travel agency Hong as a volunteer, Hong targets the children with learning in mind, enables the youngsters to get to know the history of Shanghai. My friend sounds really to be having fun at her weekends out with the kids and takes seriously on preparing her tour guides. She enjoys telling them the history and its importance, she is so pleased that children are encouraged to understand the city in a profound way.

After a few decades of remodelling a city, it is so refreshing to see the coming age of conservation for a major city. It is said that some old places have been restored. Even the details in the history text books are reviewed in an objective way, a positive move of openness. In my olden days, the history was edited by the politicians in a way suited to their needs.

Hong’s website ‘’ is delightful with children’s articles after their tours, the sense of pride is read between the lines, seeing a place with history must be fun to them. In Hong’s calendar, weekend trips include visiting the parks for cherry blossom, Shanghai in the 19th century, water towns nearby, Japanese landing en route in the Pacific war… the latter one to me is quite daring, it wouldn’t be a possible visit at my time. My friend was very proud that she did a thorough research and conveyed the message of its significance to the youngsters.

It’s exciting to discover a place again and again. I have to let her know I would like to go on these trips next time in the town.

what about Hong Hong has its own formulae

The image for this article is from waysma” (Hong’s site)