how not to forget Shanghai

How not to forget Shanghai you have been

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How not to forget Shanghai you have been? Photos, plenty of them, insta it and of course blog it… Lots of different ways help to remember…

With fast paced change, Shanghai has altered so much, not people who visit it are amazed by the newness, resident are used to the ever changing. I have a map imprinted in the mind, where I was born and grew up, where the centre was and my favourite walks and meeting points. Over the recent years, Shanghai has stretched out much further, twenty four million people inhibit in this much larger city. It sounds sentimental to recall the old time, those little alleyways, simple old food, easy chitchat like everyone has time for each other, live was not overruled by digital. These tales are supposed to stay in the mind for a long long time.

Look at the skylines and so many hot spots. New Shanghai is equally exciting and can be more dynamic. We cannot help to recommend the easy appsShanghaiWoW for any new cool spot, or check on the official tourist sites for anything news worthy, it can be interesting too, see the example on Foodie Heaven

We will continue to blog in 2018, if you can share with us your experience in Shanghai, the places you went, the food you enjoyed and the people you met, that will be so cool.

cook like a local

How to cook like a local in Shanghai

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How to cook like a local? live like a local, not only by staying in Airbnb, eating at the food stalls… It is interesting to understand the culture and customs by learning to cook the Chinese food, so how to cook like a local?

how to cook like a local? Chinese appreciates the food, enjoys the preparation of the food and the cooking… if you can cook a simple stir fry, why not set a challenge for making dim sum or dumplings?

Always a happy occasion when everyone is involved in the process of making dumplings, from preparing the mince, kneading the dough, perfecting the pastry, making the dumplings, tipping them into the boiling pan then joyfully sharing them, it lightens everyone up in a family gathering. It has significance in the Chinese culinary culture. If you are tempted to learn more, why not try a Cooking Class, be creative on your own production, taste the Chinese food made by yourself. Or, take a three hour Cooking & Food Tour, (incl, one hour cooking class), you can venture out the neighbourhood to see the local market.

Another couple of food cooking tours are worth considering, Cooking Class & Market Visit, a tour mixed cooking class with market visit, go price bargain with vendors, source your ingredients, sounds cool. Plenty of vegetarian dishes are available in Chinese cuisine. try Cooking Class with Veg Options (with vegetarian option). Great fun to entertain your friends with the acquired cooking style.

If you would like to know more about Chinese cooking class and tours or live like a local, drop us a note. We’ll get back to you with our best know how. Great to learn your experience and share your knowledge with us.

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Chinese food chopsticks Kuai Zi

Get Grips with Chopsticks Kuai Zi

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Chopsticks Kua Zi 筷子 (pronunciation for the two characters) is sort of the things, that you have to be able to grip, before you can enjoy the food in Shanghai. For Chinese, food breeds contentment. They have taken the chopsticks for granted all their lives. The scene of foreigners using the chopsticks first time, or getting hold of the food, amuse the Chinese (for course, vice versa, same for the Chinese with knives and forks though).

It’s only a natural way to finish your Chinese dishes with the chopsticks. So, how are you getting on with the devil? Can you actually hold the steamed rice with chopsticks? then, the same amount of rice has gone into your mouth? Oh, you can, that’s cool. You can even eat dumplings with them, ah, what can I say!.

The more you use the more you appreciate its practicality. The Chinese has been on it for God knows how long. They use them in a variety of ways. For example, cooking, when they deep fry the food (with the longer version ones), like fritters (油条),the dim sum you can find in Shanghai in the morning. Chopsticks style does not vary greatly, although the etiquette can show the sophistication of the diners and food culture. With time, the word of chopsticks epitomises the Chinese cuisine and even extend to the relevant Chinese culture. Smart choice for those who want people to figure out the nature of the business easily.

Chop chop, also refers to be speedy or get going. It is pronounced “Kuai” in Chinese, which means ‘be quick’. Every now and then, my friends show off their smoothness with chopsticks when we dine together, it always makes me smile by looking at them, oh, chop chop …

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The KunLun Jing’an at Hua Shan Road

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The KunLun Jing’an, previously Hilton Hua Shan sits on the edge of Shanghai’s French concession. It is situated at the prime location, Jing’an, just a few hundred meters away from Jin’an Temple, main traffic line (ie, north south line) is around the corner.

This Hilton has been around since the early 90s. Not kidding, a person’s feeling towards this Hilton can show his/her age. It was an event when the hotel was open to operate. Young graduates lined a long queue to battle the way for being recruited, they turned back on the state-sponsored placement, with the hope of career prosperity. Hospitality industry was in.

Two decades on, competition in the trade is in a completely different world. However, just like this Hilton, anywhere, hard to beat a hotel with the advantage of ‘location, location and location’. Whether you are in the town on business trip or for holiday, this one can be a cosy pick. Locals nearby also tends to appoint it as the meeting point before the shopping trips or dinner dates. The bird view from the Hilton has moved on from the overview of the residential blocks to the buzz of a commercial centre nowadays. Not only just Jing’an temple nearby is an attraction, also the convenience of getting around, such as within walking distance for the metro line 1, 2 and 7.

I enjoy the long walk from there, to explore the parks nearby (Jing’an, Xiang Yang), independent book stores, or, interesting boutiques in the area of French concession. Or, stretch out more, reach to the point where Pushkin statue is. Not bad exercise for afternoon stroll.

Book a Room, or check on Oh, what are the Fun

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Yu Garden

See Yu Garden for visual treat

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Nested in the heart of city centre, Yu Garden has the layout of traditional Chinese garden: pavilion, artificial mountains, willow trees, ponds and the magnificent zigzag bridge. Built in the 16th century,  the only traditional garden in the north of Shanghai, whether you are in Shanghai for a couple of days or longer, this place is a must see. We recommended this gem in our blog “One Day In Shanghai”(One Day In Shanghai).

Not only Yu Garden prides itself a visual feast, it makes a worthy trip for shopping. For a long time, it is the heaven for the wholesalers, when they source anything locally produced. Today, you still have plenty of choices for your Christmas list or just the impulsive binges.

Restaurants and food stores boast another reason for visiting. Lu Bo Lang and Shanghai Restaurant have been there for years, they offer the traditional food with local flavour, so delicate. Those restaurants often attract long queues of hungry eaters. The best thing in life is always worth waiting. One of the afternoons, you sit at Lu Bo Lang, sipping the Chinese tea with the delightful Dim Sum, a lake in your view when looking out the window, it is divine.

Getting there is easy.  Almost every local knows its location. Metro line 10 and plenty of bus services go through there. Don’t be put off by the crowds, popular places like Yu Garden are often packed with visitors all day, perhaps try to avoid the peak hours, I wouldn’t miss out the opportunity for the local Dim Sum.

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Be Merry

Christmas in Shanghai

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Christmas in Shanghai can be fun: I have been getting the messages on my WeChat from my friends in Shanghai, their images of having a good time. They are sending the good wishes. Christmas is not a long tradition in Shanghai, but is widely celebrated among the young and the professionals and now the middle class.

When you are there, you can find the venues for celebration easily,

check out plenty going on.

For someone who wants to do a bit of holiday things or going there for the moment of ‘peace and quiet’, you are not going to be disappointed either. The latest brochure from the official tourist board has the latest news on ‘eating out’ and ‘explore’, including the art world there. You can find something thoroughly enjoyable.

Christmas is one month ahead of The Chinese New Year, the latter will be sometime in Jan 2017. With one month span, this is just the perfect season for celebration on a long holiday: eat, drink and be merry…

YourShanghaiLink, wishing you a lovely time for the festive holiday.

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