Did you know the Chinese National Day

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Did you know 1st Oct is the Chinese National Day? It’s been 70 years, the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China. Celebration are in full swing, major cities like Shanghai obviously Is a cool show piece, whilst the rest of world has been through tear and wear, such as financial crisis, conflicts of political ideology, drama of Brexit and etc, China has been unstoppable rising to a formidable superpower. Credit should be given when it’s due.

Bund (wai tan) is a must to visit for the locals and visitors, you’d be lucky to get through during the main festival time, like in National Day. Police closely watch over, one of the main reasons is to keep the crowds in order, this is to respond the tragic accident a few years ago, when 39 people died due to the traffic chaos.

It was great fun to get to the point, when you seet the east side of Shanghai in the front, after wiggling through pedestrian area at Nan Jing Road, we took a photo shot at that famous view, as we have done many times, still not bored. Our Bund walk was not shaken by the typhoon this time.

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Shanghai Night  we took this video at La Terrazza at Bulgari Hotel Shanghai.

Share your thoughts and tips and experience in Shanghai.

Shanghai Walks

More about Shanghai Walks v04

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More about Shanghai walks, today we stretch out to the border of Xu Hui district, where the new Shi Ku Men lanes are revamped lately.

Just passing by Shanghai Orchestra, we are at Jian Guo west Road, the lanes are neatly knitted and feel like in the maze of beautifully structured waves of red brick walls, we saw a boutique (like one of the many in the area), we step inside the porch and patio, we discovered a perfume boutique “Facon”. The idea of the scents was conceived in Shanghai and produced in Grasse. A restless kitten was running inside the store cheerfully, the lady in the store showed us an article about its creator Mr. Bonzom, I think he is very brave to do so in such a competitive market. we are given some samples before left.

This area has been turned into a string of luxurious villa, Jian Ye Li, owned by Capella. It’s cleverly done, the villas with two or three bedrooms have own entrance, facing the courtyard, quietly nestled in the heart of the city. On the opposite of the road, we stood in awe, we saw the shops lighten up on the ground floor alongside the road. It is amazing, where traditional architecture brings you to the 30s at this moment and the interiors chic and contemporary.

We continued our walk before dusk, back to the buzz of Shanghai itself. I am always amazed about the adaptability of this city, where one style can seamlessly merge with the another. My friend suggested not to stop, a lot to see at Xu Hui, one of the coolest neighbourhoods by TimeOut. Happily, consented, I know not far we will be sitting in a cool place, sipping our favourite drinks.

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ready for summer in Shanghai

How to get ready for summer in Shanghai

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How to get ready for summer in Shanghai? Wow, is summer actually a festival? Why get ready? Pretty simple, it’s noisy, busy and no need to stay put the humidity, get ready, so much fun in summer.

Grew up in Shanghai, I know that it’s hot in summer, and it seems the temperature in summer gets higher over the time. If you haven’t developed the resilience over the heat and humidity yet, it’ll put you in a cool state to enjoy what the heat throws. Anyway you can always resort to the indoors. Fair enough, there are TV festival then Shanghai International Film Festival in Jun. it’s suppose that the films will be interesting this year, highlighted to address the hot issue of ‘belt and road’, which the countries along the new silk road get chances to bring out their works.

At the moment, the annual Lavender Festival is in full bloom at Pu Dong, Shanghai International Tourism and Resorts zone. This festival runs till the end of June, you can make insta-friendly trips. For any sporty person, Dragon Boat Festival can entertain you mid Jun with its traditional rhythm, plus its colour vibrancy. Seasonal staple Zong Zi is already available, you can taste the traditional treat with sweet or savoury fillings.

If you feel like to venture out of downtown, Song Jiang can be an option (the previous blog mentioned Go Chong Ming). Rich in history, Song Jian has a lot to offer with parks, temples, cathedral, mosque, plus an English themed Thames Park, nicknamed as “Small Britain in Shanghai”. Check on Song Jiang, to see anything of your picks.

See our picks, visit China Art Museum and enjoy Huang Pu River Cruise and Shanghai Lights, if your trip is a flying visit (see our blog One Day Only).

Happy summer!

Chinese New Year

How to enjoy Chinese New Year like a local

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How to enjoy Chinese New Year like a local, so you are in Shanghai, you are not flying away somewhere afar, the town is nearly empty, traffic is kind…

Whether you go for the traditional Chinese affair, or, stay on the trend, you will always find your type. Let’s start with indulge yourself with the traditional flavour, all the fanfare and folk stuff. There’s the carnival.

Following the current Cultural Carnival, which ends in 14th Feb, Spring Festival Carnival takes place to coincide Chinese New Year (16/02-02/03) at SongJiang District, celebrates with traditional folk music shows, lantern show, stand-up comedians and lights displays, food stalls… Address: 888 LinHu Road.

It’s the 2nd year to celebrate the Chinese New Year for the newly established Shanghai Disney Resort, Impressed, not only by the charm of Disney with Chinese twist. Some locals are keen to have the New Year Eve banquet there, a worthy family event.

Brace yourself, it is crispy cold time of the year. Nothing can put people off to enjoy the brief quietness in such a busy town, you can appreciate the wintery blossom in Central Park, or parks like DianShan, ZhenRu for cool excursions out of the centre. A friend of took the blog image near her house at the recent snowy day.

Chinese New Year is always about the food. With plenty of expats living in the town, rest assured, you will find your favourites. Some apps expedite your decision,  like ShanghaiWoW  To be truly like a local, you need download the app WeChat, you can find any info you need, we mean any. it works like an altogether of FaceTime, WhatsApp and Facebook.

OK, if you are there, we wish you a happy time and will be great if you get in touch to share.

For the organised celebrations over the Chinese New Year, please check on the link:

Chinese Spring Festival

how not to forget Shanghai

How not to forget Shanghai you have been

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How not to forget Shanghai you have been? Photos, plenty of them, insta it and of course blog it… Lots of different ways help to remember…

With fast paced change, Shanghai has altered so much, not people who visit it are amazed by the newness, resident are used to the ever changing. I have a map imprinted in the mind, where I was born and grew up, where the centre was and my favourite walks and meeting points. Over the recent years, Shanghai has stretched out much further, twenty four million people inhibit in this much larger city. It sounds sentimental to recall the old time, those little alleyways, simple old food, easy chitchat like everyone has time for each other, live was not overruled by digital. These tales are supposed to stay in the mind for a long long time.

Look at the skylines and so many hot spots. New Shanghai is equally exciting and can be more dynamic. We cannot help to recommend the easy appsShanghaiWoW for any new cool spot, or check on the official tourist sites for anything news worthy, it can be interesting too, see the example on Foodie Heaven

We will continue to blog in 2018, if you can share with us your experience in Shanghai, the places you went, the food you enjoyed and the people you met, that will be so cool.

Here comes Christmas

Here comes Christmas in Shanghai …

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Christmas… how time flies, we have seen the seasons come and go: Shanghai is the place we’ve been talking about All Year …

If you happen in Shanghai for this season, there are loads of things to do, check on the link Get into Christmas Swing for its mapping out in detail. Again we also recommend the trendy App ShanghaiWoW for its city guide support, check out the trendy places for the seasonal promotion.

Even you stop here for a short stay, there are things you still want to enjoy, let’s not forget our collection from Viator Our Top Picks Or get some insights from our Blog About Shanghai, try our short & sweet A Flying Visit.

Perhaps, this city is in your mind for the next adventure, visit our links TO GO to get started and TO STAY to organise, or to drop a note to us Get In Touch, let us know your schedule, your budget, your interests and your thoughts, that’s really cool and be assured you’ll hear from us…

Thanks for stopping by on this site, we will be back after the festive season: wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year! 

Eat like a local, mouth watering food in Shanghai

How to eat like a local when you are in Shanghai

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Eating out like a local is so much fun in Shanghai, so many choices and we selected two tours for you to taste.

How to eat like a local when you are in Shanghai, apart from sightseeing, city walks? We have build the recommendations from Viator with selections on ‘top picks’, ‘day trips’ and ‘extended tours’, here with “local food”.

Eating like a local? yes. Now, late autumn, Shanghai-ese are addicted to ‘hairy crabs’, it doesn’t sound delicate, but the dish is a delicacy and delicious for the locals. This has been tradition, it seems get popular to the entire nation’s taste buds.

Food breeds contentment for Chinese, they see it as the source of happiness. That’s why they greet each other with “have you eaten?” When it comes to the variety of restaurants, such as different regional styles, Shanghai can compete any places in the country. It also offers a fantastic range for international cuisines. Shanghai-ese shows tremendous appetite for acquiring the new flavours.

When in Shanghai, it is so much fun to eat like a local. We have selected two tours for eating like a local. The “Local Food Tour” lasts 3 hours, takes you to the old French Concession and the traditional Shanghai ShiKuMen, you taste noodles, steamed buns, 12 dishes at the different venues, currently it runs Evening tour, “Local Food Tour”  so you get the chance to start with a beer as well.

Apart from the traditional food tour, another one on our list is the street food tour. You can enjoy the local Shanghai’s culinary scene, busting with flavours and aroma, you taste 12 to 15 different dishes in this 3 hours tour. “Eat like a Local” You are not going to be disappointed.

We will continue to recommend the tours / trips, share our excitement, and, have a feel on our selection. Read More

We’d love to share your thoughts, contact us if we can be of any helps.

Stay chilled in hot summer

How to stay chilled summer in Shanghai

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How to stay chilled hot summer in Shanghai? Temperature has soared above 35c last couple of weeks, it has stayed there, then heading to 40c. I hear you…

Nothing should put you off to enjoy the summer in Shanghai. We have mentioned in our blog on walking, exploring and sightseeing, and excursions to the traditional towns nearby. If you prefer indoors and stay chilled, galleries, museums, theatres, or, stay tuned with the latest events check on Time Out Shanghai, or, download the App ‘Shanghai WoW’ for the promotions of the trendy places.

Stay chilled in hot summer, or the list for “stay indoors” is never going to be short. Places like museums, say Shanghai Museum, is interesting to visit. Or, try book stores, they are dotted around the city, chain store Xin Hua book stores or some independent ones. Zhong Shu Ge 钟书阁 was voted the most beautiful book store, the 1st one was at the out skirt Thames village, it expanded to a 2nd outlet nearby Iing’An temple last year. With its chic design, it attracts not only bookworms. A reader friendly of Foreign Languages Book Store at Fu Zhou Lu (by metro line 1 or 2) is a “refuge” if those wants to make up the book store visits but with limited Chinese reading skill.

Anybody likes peace and quiet in the hot days, an easy choice is to go to the Library. Shanghai has the 2nd largest library in China. At Huai Hai Road, inside French Concession, this is a nice spot to pass time. Another good news is Shanghai will add a new public library by 2020 at Qin Pu. With its stylish ambience, fantastic space and proposed 24 hours opening time, it will appeal to many visitors. (the photo image is from the web).

What are the Fun

Visit Shanghai Museum

The Peace Hotel

The Peace Hotel

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I am reading “Becoming the Peace Hotel” , written by a well known Shanghai author Chen Dan Yan, a native of Shanghai and she has spent years to craft narrating about this city. It seems that only Chen can convey the essence of this city’s glamorous tale.

On the Bund, divided by Nan Jing Road, the Peace Hotel includes two buildings facing each other. The larger one is the North building, built by British businessman Victor Sassoon in 1929, he lived in the penthouse on the 10th floor until the end of the 2nd World War. This was one of his many Far East business ventures, Many celebrity guests stayed there, such as Bernard Shaw, Charlie Chaplin, Noel Coward.

Like many other significant landmarks in Shanghai, the hotel lost its lustre certain period after 1949, it was used for the municipality functions. Even then, the history of this hotel still intrigued people. It was noted it offered the best western food in Shanghai in the 70s.

The hotel is run by Fairmount Canada currently. It stands in the same league as New York Waldorf. In 2007, it went through three years of painstaking renovation to return its renaissance splendour. Its Octagon lobby is in full view when you entered the hotel.

Not to mention restaurants and café (Victor Café is named after its original owner Sassoon), the most impressive thing about it is its live-in Jazz band, some of the band members been performing in the hotel over 30 years. It makes your Shanghai trip fascinating to enjoy the jazz there after dusk.

Such a legendary place, it somehow represents the heritage of Shanghai, I wish there is a film one day to show how things can evolve with the passage of time, it can be a fiction or a romantic storytelling. Well, the novel “Becoming the Peace Hotel “ is a good start.

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Photo of Shanghai Skyscraper

One Day in Shanghai

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One day in Shanghai, what would you do? How can you make the most? Have a plan to get you through and make it memorable. 


Once you are off the plane in the morning, you can take the airport high speed meglev train to downtown, if you are in strict schedule and if you want to see the authentic Shanghai, you can go to Yu Garden for its traditional architecture style and old charm.(check on http://www.meet-in-shanghai.net/highlights/tourist-attraction/hot-attractions/yuyuan) It makes your day to taste the dimsum in Lu Bo Lang. After Yu Garden, you can easily find the way by public transport to Xin Tian Di, (refer to http://www.meet-in-shanghai.net/highlights/tourist-attraction/hot-attractions/xintiandi) the area is the location of the 1st communist’s conference, the old building style Long Tang is still kept with modern twists, one of the best places to go in Shanghai. You can enjoy your afternoon break or visit a couple of boutiques before you set off again.

From there, you can get to the east side of Shanghai, Lu Jia Zui in Pu Dong, where it features in many new post cards of skylines, you can visit the TV building or get to the top of Jin Mao, overlooking the west side of Shanghai, the Bund (river bank) and other landmarks. You can also enjoy the spectacular view with a drink at the bar in Shanghai Financial Centre.

Finally, time to leave, back with the metro line and high speed train to the airport. You just had a taste of the city, the hustle and bustle, the local charm and the high life…

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