Shanghai Metro Excellence

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Shanghai metro transport is excellent. I hear you say. It is hard to beat the public transport in Shanghai. Recently Shanghai metro lines increased operating hours (Metro Timetable ). What couldn’t be even better is some lines work almost around the clock. Just think that summer is around the corner, the transport is fab not only on the available routes, the time and the prices, where can you get the better deals elsewhere for a city break? We are not even talking about any transports running above the ground.

Not far in the memory there was only one metro line available, Line 1, it is the route between the train station (north) to the then new area Xin Zhuang. Twenty years on, there are 16 metro lines fanning out the city. Line 4 (Inner circle line) moves around the city where the usual hangouts and walks are, the rest take you to all different directions, Line 11 to Jiang Su Province, supposed the longest, this record sure will soon be broken by Shanghai standard.

Shanghai metro lines have all the characteristics of a metropolis, the frequent trains, stylish multi-entrances, versatile underground shopping malls, convenient connections between the lines. All box ticking you need in a major city, well, let’s put ‘the crazy rush hour’ and ‘so many people’ aside just for the time being.

Some new built routes are on my priority list for the next visit, especially those where you get the chance to see the traditional towns, you only need continuing on another public transport. We share the image of a beautiful water town nearby Zhu Jia Jiao. Getting there by Line Hu Zhou See our blog

Lots of options for planning the trips with the excellent transport net, or, drop a note if we can be of any help 

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