New Riverside East Bund



New Riverside East Bund in Shanghai

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New riverside in Shanghai (East Bund) is going through restructuring in YangPu, aims to open the majority part of the water front to public, on the top of current riverside at HuangPu, XuHui and new Pu Dong area. This will make the entire riverside a landmark at a different scale.

Shanghai news suggests by Saturday, some 70 percent of the riverfront in downtown Shanghai will be open to the public, with continuous paths, bridges and preserved historic buildings. The length of riverside paths reaches to 32.4km.

Famous waterfront, Bund, is one of the most visited sites for public (our blog River Bank Wai Tan ). Recent years we see more parts of waterfront available to the public, such as the riverside “Xu Hui” with different running tracks (our blog xu-hui-riverside-promenade ) and the futuristic Pu Dong new area.

Unlike the other parts of the riverside, Yangpu is featured by preserved historic relics of the city’s earliest industries. Many former industrial relics will be preserved along the riverside section. for instance, a 50 meter tall silo, built by a British shipping firm in 1908 and once the largest in Asia that stored most of the city’s grain in its heyday, becomes the main venue for the three-month Shanghai Urban Space Art Season, which is open this week.

The newly opened east section will connect Lujiazui financial center and the former World Expo site and many future city landmarks.

East side waterfront, once all completed, 12 pedestrian bridges will span creeks and waterways running off the main river in Pudong. A cluster of small parks, covering 1,000 to 3,000 square meters, are also planned along the river. Three lanes for cycling, running and walking will be built along the bank.

Exciting time – We look forward to taking more images for the new sites.

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