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picture of bank notes - shopping in Shanghai


Mao on the notes
Posted by: admin /12070
When I came to England, I often got caught out to answer the queries from my tutors and fellow students. Once on my dentist coach, my dentist suddenly quizzed ‘how do you think of Mao?’, when I was looking up the ceiling with mouth widely open. I am not of the generation who put political events robbed away their youth. I didn’t satisfy people’s curiosity over the analysis about Mao.
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Shanghai city


Blue sky
Posted by: admin /14450
The other day, I scanned through the friends’ “Moment” on the phone app WeChat (Chinese equivalent to WhatsApp), a couple of photos caught my eyes. My friend titled them with “G20 Sky”. I thought they were shot somewhere in Europe. Naah, it was Shanghai. The photos show a line of beautiful houses with a lake in the front, more important, the sky on those photos is clearly very blue, only a few patches of clouds scattered.
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