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A book about how Shanghai is formed


a book tells how modern Shanghai was shaped
Posted by: admin /12230
A book tells how modern Shanghai was shaped, “The Last Kings of Shanghai”, has been one of my readings in the lockdown. How it was shaped? probably many different explanations on how and by whom, we wouldn’t find any answers boring anyway. This book is more than just entertaining. Through rich investigation, the author tells […]
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enjoy the quiet time in Shanghai


How we enjoyed this quiet time at Shanghai
Posted by: admin /11700
How did we enjoy this quiet time at Shanghai? It’s been a couple of months since the outbreak of coronavirus. We’ve been staying in and keeping outdoor venturing minimum, building up the inner zen  … Still, having fun: how to pass the time during the time of ‘staying in’ all that long, especially not by […]
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local breakfast pancake


Favourite Local Breakfast in Shanghai
Posted by: admin /12010
Did you know the favourite local breakfast in Shanghai? Too many choices as it appears. There’re fritters (油条), you have them with porridge; or wan ton (dumplings); or savoury pastries… just follow the locals, check out the queue they are in. I have discovered the best fried dumplings in town, Yang’s Fried Dumpling, I have […]
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Did you know the Chinese National Day
Posted by: admin /7400
Did you know 1st Oct is the Chinese National Day? It’s been 70 years, the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China. Celebration are in full swing, major cities like Shanghai obviously Is a cool show piece, whilst the rest of world has been through tear and wear, such as financial […]
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