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How to get the best deal on flights to Shanghai

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With so many flights to Shanghai, it takes time to get the best deal on price and what it offers, we can help.

How to get the best deals to Shanghai? Of course, you know all about it: go to the search engine, type in your key words: there you are, a list of flights: time and prices.

It takes over 11 hours directly from London to Shanghai, so it’s a long way staying in the air for nearly 6000 miles. By knowing slightly on who normally provide non –stops, who operate with stops, who is generous on the luggage allowance, who gives more on the leg room, who comes along with frills and thrills on food and entertainment. We can look for accordingly.

Comparison sites, such as Expedia can do a lot when it comes to flights and accommodations. We build our flights search links around its platform, so you can choose either fly from London or Birmingham or Manchester. Check on our link (London, Manchester, Birmingham): London; Manchester; Birmingham

Looking for the best deal, we are doing much the same. We also like to get there on one go (non-stops). In our view, East China does the best for the price, luggage allowance. Shown on Expedia, price at £470 at the time of this blog for a week return, directs London and Shanghai. Food is yammy (by our experience), though you may not get the chance to taste your favourite “tipple”. Pretty good when you can land at Shanghai or London (inbound) late afternoon for overnight recovery. We give Virgin thumb up (at this time of the blog) for its food and being comfy, bit more on the price £630 though, maybe for its entertainment, and it does land in Shanghai at AM.

You know you are not on your own, we are happy to assist (for flights, accommodations and sightseeing or your travel plan), just get in touch.

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