More flights more opportunities

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With more Chinese students in the UK universities and British schools set campuses in China, more flights are scheduled. It reached one hundred flights in Oct.

Apparently the pound now is 30% down the value in exchange since July, more Chinese took advantage for  shopping trips in the UK to get anything genuine made in UK. Shoppers tend to do homework before their departure. They map out the shopping stops en route their sightseeing. Somewhere like Bicester is a must, Oxford and Bond street are the ones absolute not missed out.

Harrods has seen the sale bumped up recent years, not to forget mention those shoppers from China, they make quick decisions and not to lose out their ‘bargain hunts’. Some shops saw the Chinese leaving with several same items, stocks are cleared and everyone’s happy.

Brands definitely are major turn on. With time, the Chinese consumers are getting more sophisticated, they choose the items more to their own tastes, not to be driven blindly by the brands temptation. This trend offer opportunities for more businesses.

The other day, a friend showed me a bone china cake stand, with pretty floral pattern, it looks very English certainly. She said she discovered it at a family shop in the small alley way, she likes it so much and bought three, similar pattern but in different colours. She carried them as hand luggage. The shop must be smiling.

It looks more flights bring more opportunities for the holiday makers and the business.


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