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Christmas in Shanghai

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Christmas in Shanghai can be fun: I have been getting the messages on my WeChat from my friends in Shanghai, their images of having a good time. They are sending the good wishes. Christmas is not a long tradition in Shanghai, but is widely celebrated among the young and the professionals and now the middle class.

When you are there, you can find the venues for celebration easily,

check out plenty going on.

For someone who wants to do a bit of holiday things or going there for the moment of ‘peace and quiet’, you are not going to be disappointed either. The latest brochure from the official tourist board has the latest news on ‘eating out’ and ‘explore’, including the art world there. You can find something thoroughly enjoyable.

Christmas is one month ahead of The Chinese New Year, the latter will be sometime in Jan 2017. With one month span, this is just the perfect season for celebration on a long holiday: eat, drink and be merry…

YourShanghaiLink, wishing you a lovely time for the festive holiday.

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