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We are Shanghai-ese, based in the UK, we are the Shanghai Specialist, officially accredited (by Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration) . We have lived away long enough to remember what it was in Shanghai, what it has changed for the good and how it is being missed. We are never away from it, we travel there all the time and we are in touch with it every day. In summary, we are very attached to this great city, Shanghai is part of our life.

We have witnessed the evolution in Shanghai. We are experiencing the excitement of this world so connected. We are here to share the information and to celebrate the city of our home town.

Plus, we can help on language facilitating, administration for your work on China market research, business study if you required.

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To go

Thinking of travelling there … you are not alone. By UNWTO Tourism ranking in 2010, China is the 3rd most visited destination.

To do

You can discover Chinese traditional delights in Shanghai, a variety of walks can either take you to the historic sights and more.

To Stay

There are plenty of choices when it comes to the accommodation. We know that the development of China has been unravelled.

About Shanghai

Much has been heard of Shanghai one of the commercial centres in the east, it has been prominent in numerous literatures, movies…
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