enjoy the best views of Shanghai

How to enjoy the best views in Shanghai

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How to enjoy the best views in Shanghai? For the breathtaking views from the top, we are ready to explore the options from the skyline at Lu Jia Zui in Shanghai, where you get the panoramic views across the town.

Observatory decks are located at the recently constructed three super tall skyscrapers: Jin Mao, Shanghai World Financial Centre and new Shanghai Tower, together they make up the world’s first adjacent grouping of three super high rises. They were built one after another, pride themselves with the height of 420 meters, 492 meters and 632 meters respectively. They form an impressive view over the skyline, like three musketeers, all with hotels, shopping malls and office buildings. Each has its own charm. Locals tease them like a set of kitchen accessory, mixer drill, bottle opener or cheese grater… At Shanghai World Financial Centre, miniature bottle openers can be bought at the souvenir shop.

Super fast elevators take you to the top. If resourceful, it will be fun to enjoy the fabulous views from each of them, taller over one another, it is so interesting to notice the nuances of the views, where the city stretches out in front of the eyes. Blog image is the view from New Shanghai Tower, over Shanghai World Financial Tower and Jin Mao, “expensive but well worth it”, the friend who share the image is convinced.

Jin Mao is the oldest kid in this block, been there since 1999, you can check out whether Sky Walk is still available if it interests you.

After checking out the panoramic views of the city, reward yourself a well-deserved drink at one of the bars in the cloud …

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