Enjoy Water Town around Shanghai

How to enjoy the water towns around Shanghai

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How to enjoy the water towns around Shanghai? It’s getting warm, time to go out, go for those trips.

Why not enjoy the water towns around Shanghai – discover another piece of jigsaw in Chinese culture, delight yourself in these places.

Zhu Jia Jiao of Qin Pu is the one in our blog last year, Water Town Zhu Jia Jiao  it often comes to the top of the list for its size and the distance, its history and its gardens.

Far away from the noise, water town is a symbol of the tranquil life in Southern China. In the olden days, these water towns possess rural charms, epitomised the simple lifestyle of easy living and harmony, just like the drawings affectionately done by Feng ZiKai (ZiKai Feng Paintings).

Late artist YiFei Chen put the images of the water towns in some of his masterpieces (Chen YiFei Paintings), they have drawn attention from the visitors ever since. Easy access attributed to the recent development, most of those places are not yet completely commercialised, though not everyone may be sharing this opinion. A fabulous table on China Highlights can expedite your decision making (Water Towns Nearby Shanghai”), you can choose to suit your plan.

Image of this blog was taken from water town TongLi. Different from the much celebrated Zhou Zhuang, which frequented in YiFei’s paintings, you find Tong Li quietly situated between Shanghai and Su Zhou, make it an ideal en route to Su Zhou.

If time is precious, the nearest to Shanghai, Qi Bao can always be the option, it is still part of Shanghai, so expect the crowds.

Whether you have or have not been to the water towns nearby, we’d love to hear from you.

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