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City walk in Shanghai has a lot to choose. One of my favourites usually starts from Jing’an Temple, many times I end my route in French concession. With lined trees and small cafes, so pleasant in the afternoon, it’s perfect for a walk.

It will get lot better and more intriguing. As XuHui district, where French concession is, is undergoing renovation for the 342 buildings, mostly within the area of HengShan road and FuXing road, aims to complete by the end of the year. Categorised as Hengshan-Fuxing Road Historic Reservation Area, it covers an area of more than 221,000 square meters, also includes some areas in French concession.

It must be challenging to initiate such a reservation project, Craftsmen with traditional construction skills are called in, some skills are brought to the city by Western architects in the early last century, long lost though, now is crucial for this preservation work.

Historic figures and celebrities have resided here in the past, those old buildings complimentary the fascinating diversity of the city’s architecture style. Once reservation project done, a detailed database for each building will be available, including its size, inner structure, original designing charts as well as historic photos.

Quite exciting to see a quiet area being revived, already popular with its trendy bars, restaurants, chic hotels and fabulous boutiques, the area has become one of the major attractions for residents and tourists.

Why not take a walk in this area when you are in town, you may find this place the same interesting?  what is it then.

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