Summer in Shanghai

Hot Summer in Shanghai

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Summer in Shanghai can be challenging, it certainly raises the threshold for dealing with the heat. In our blog ‘’, we suggest to get away from the town centre for the day, where you see the nature and enjoy the fresh air.  Blister hot in the city, it easily reaches to 35 degree, plus the days of hot temperature is more in the East. With the humidity, it is essential to feel refreshed to keep the energy level.

After quite a few days heat wave in the UK, I find it easy to cope the summer in Shanghai, with air cons in each household and most of the places with roof. Then, it means you have to stay indoors. For anyone who’d like to get out, you can either venture out to the small towns close by, or, little islands nearby Shanghai, such as Chong Min, or, Qian Dao Lake, where you can stay in the local B&B, fresh food, sometimes seafood in Chong Min or Qian Dao are served.

Nature is not difficult to reach. An article in today’s Metro reports that there will be three country parks, planned twenty suburban country parks with 130 square km, all will be done in Shanghai speed. They will replace the out dated industrial land, as part of the regeneration programme for the city. For sure, chilling out In Shanghai will be more resourceful.

Our image here is a small town in the west side of Shanghai, like those places, they are tranquil, the perfect for get-away. For those who just want to stay in the town, the choice for ‘chill out’ couldn’t be more, take a leaf from our selection here.Tours and Sights in Shanghai

to read the relevant article we mentioned ‘Metro’ get to know the locations of the ‘country parks’

Chinese food chopsticks Kuai Zi

Get Grips with Chopsticks Kuai Zi

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Chopsticks Kua Zi 筷子 (pronunciation for the two characters) is sort of the things, that you have to be able to grip, before you can enjoy the food in Shanghai. For Chinese, food breeds contentment. They have taken the chopsticks for granted all their lives. The scene of foreigners using the chopsticks first time, or getting hold of the food, amuse the Chinese (for course, vice versa, same for the Chinese with knives and forks though).

It’s only a natural way to finish your Chinese dishes with the chopsticks. So, how are you getting on with the devil? Can you actually hold the steamed rice with chopsticks? then, the same amount of rice has gone into your mouth? Oh, you can, that’s cool. You can even eat dumplings with them, ah, what can I say!.

The more you use the more you appreciate its practicality. The Chinese has been on it for God knows how long. They use them in a variety of ways. For example, cooking, when they deep fry the food (with the longer version ones), like fritters (油条),the dim sum you can find in Shanghai in the morning. Chopsticks style does not vary greatly, although the etiquette can show the sophistication of the diners and food culture. With time, the word of chopsticks epitomises the Chinese cuisine and even extend to the relevant Chinese culture. Smart choice for those who want people to figure out the nature of the business easily.

Chop chop, also refers to be speedy or get going. It is pronounced “Kuai” in Chinese, which means ‘be quick’. Every now and then, my friends show off their smoothness with chopsticks when we dine together, it always makes me smile by looking at them, oh, chop chop …

Eating Out in Shanghai, or Oh, what are the fun