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Christmas in Shanghai

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Christmas in Shanghai can be fun: I have been getting the messages on my WeChat from my friends in Shanghai, their images of having a good time. They are sending the good wishes. Christmas is not a long tradition in Shanghai, but is widely celebrated among the young and the professionals and now the middle class.

When you are there, you can find the venues for celebration easily,

check out plenty going on.

For someone who wants to do a bit of holiday things or going there for the moment of ‘peace and quiet’, you are not going to be disappointed either. The latest brochure from the official tourist board has the latest news on ‘eating out’ and ‘explore’, including the art world there. You can find something thoroughly enjoyable.

Christmas is one month ahead of The Chinese New Year, the latter will be sometime in Jan 2017. With one month span, this is just the perfect season for celebration on a long holiday: eat, drink and be merry…

YourShanghaiLink, wishing you a lovely time for the festive holiday.

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Photo of Shanghai Skyscraper

One Day in Shanghai

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One day in Shanghai, what would you do? How can you make the most? Have a plan to get you through and make it memorable.

Once you are off the plane in the morning, you can take the airport high speed meglev train to downtown, if you are in strict schedule and if you want to see the authentic Shanghai, you can go to Yu Garden for its traditional architecture style and old charm.(check on It makes your day to taste the dimsum in Lu Bo Lang. After Yu Garden, you can easily find the way by public transport to Xin Tian Di, (refer to the area is the location of the 1st communist’s conference, the old building style Long Tang is still kept with modern twists, one of the best places to go in Shanghai. You can enjoy your afternoon break or visit a couple of boutiques before you set off again.

From there, you can get to the east side of Shanghai, Lu Jia Zui in Pu Dong, where it features in many new post cards of skylines, you can visit the TV building or get to the top of Jin Mao, overlooking the west side of Shanghai, the Bund (river bank) and other landmarks. You can also enjoy the spectacular view with a drink at the bar in Shanghai Financial Centre.

Finally, time to leave, back with the metro line and high speed train to the airport. You just had a taste of the city, the hustle and bustle, the local charm and the high life…

OK, take a leaf from our recommended programmes here, click and plan ahead:
Trips in Shanghai
Xu Hui Riverside

Xu Hui Riverside Promenade (1)

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Xu Hui Riverside Promenade is best known for jogging, its excellent structure and length accommodate the joggers targeting for different strengths: three km, six km and eleven km. A long beautiful promenade runs alongside the riverbank on the west part of the city. From the start point near Dong’an Road, it overlooks the arch bridge Lu Pu, where it used to be a port. The view can be spectacular in dusk.

Three different tracks to run on for the joggers: asphalt pavement, wooden or plastic runway.  You can jog at one km if it suits you, an Italian restaurant awaits just in case a little peckish. The runway up here is plastic to another half km. This part is popular with the locals, where they enjoy street dancing in tune with their favourite old pops. If you march on, you get on to the length of three km. If that’s still not enough, you head towards the direction of that landmark bridge up to six km. Very popular run among the locals, you may bump into people who are flying the kites. Lockers are available till 9pm evening for this part.

It is very pleasant in the summer evening, you can always head back if no intention to stop jogging. This route is part of half Marathon in Shanghai.

Of course, it attracts more than the joggers, local dancers, Tai Chi practitioners, it is lovely to have long walk there, you can bring your favourite books when you want to take a break from watching the “rainbow” bridge.

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